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What we do?

Designing Exceptional Commercial Spaces!

At Northwest Interiors, we excel in designing custom commercial spaces that perfectly match your brand’s identity and enhance productivity. Whether it’s revamping a single office or transforming an entire workspace, our skilled designers are committed to realizing your vision with style and functionality in mind.

What we do?

Crafting Commercial Spaces Beautifully!

Bringing creativity and precision from concept to execution, we turn your vision into stunning, functional spaces tailored to your style and needs.

Retail Interior

Our expertise lies in designing commercial interiors for a variety of spaces, including boutiques, department stores, and pop-up shops. We ensure that each space reflects its unique brand and purpose.

Office Interiors

We specialize in creating exceptional interior setups for various office spaces, including corporate offices, co-working spaces, and creative work environments.

Educational Interiors

We specialize in designing superior commercial interiors for academic spaces, including schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions. Tailored designs for optimal learning environments.

Hospitality Interior

From boutique hotels to trendy cafes, we specialize in innovative interior setups for hotels, restaurants, bars, and lounges. Transforming spaces into experiences.

Healthcare Interiors

We specialize in designing high-quality commercial interiors for healthcare facilities, including hospitals, medical stores, beauty clinics, and dental practices.

Fitness & Recreation Interiors

We provide top-tier commercial interior designs for recreation centers including gyms, fitness centers, spas, and wellness facilities, ensuring exceptional experiences.
Professional expertise

Our Office Interior Workflow

We seamlessly integrates consultation, planning, and execution, ensuring a personalized and hassle-free experience for every client.

Design Consultation

Professional interior design consultation for commercial spaces, maximizing functionality and aesthetics to create an inviting, productive business environment.

Space Planning

Optimizing spatial layouts to enhance functionality and aesthetics for commercial interiors, creating efficient and inspiring work environments for businesses.

Brand Integration

Our designers integrate your brand identity and values into the design concept, selecting colors, materials, and finishes that reflect your brand aesthetic.

Furniture Selection & Layout

Northwest assist in selecting and arranging furniture to fit your style, budget, and functional needs, offering custom design and sourcing services.

Customized Workspaces

We create tailored workspaces that prioritize employee comfort, productivity, and connectivity by incorporating ergonomic principles and technology integration.

Lighting Design

We evaluate your space to select lighting solutions for functionality and ambiance, including energy-efficient options, overhead, task, and accent lighting fixtures.

Functional Partitioning

We design and install partitions to create designated areas such as workspaces and conference rooms, selecting materials and configurations to suit your needs.

Creative Commercial Interior works
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With over 15+ years of experience, our innovative interior design team is here to transform your space.

What we do?

One stop Commercial Interior Solution

Your ultimate destination for comprehensive commercial interior solutions. From design inspiration to execution, we’ve got your business space covered!

Reception Area
Reception Area
Conference Rooms
Conference Rooms
Executive Cabin
Executive Cabin
Training Rooms
Training Rooms
Collaborative Spaces
Collaborative Spaces
Breakout Areas
Breakout Areas
Wellness Rooms
Wellness Rooms

Why Choose us for Commercial Interior designs?

Northwest Interior as creative team expertise in Office interior, Home Interior & Furnishing, Commercial spaces, Work stations, facade finishing, Renovation and building fit-outs with best in the market materials at a reasonable budget.

Innovative Interior Design Company
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Transform your space into a sanctuary of style and comfort with our expert interior design consultations.  Let us craft the perfect ambience for your home or business.

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